About Us


Welcome to M.B. Vintage Essentials where "keeping it natural" is our motto.  Every product is handmade with care. 

     Our quest for "All Natural" products came after the birth of our son. Many skin issues and doctor visits later, we found out he had very sensitive skin and eczema. We started becoming very label conscious since he had a reaction to everything. I couldn't believe how many ingredients there were in baby products.  I began learning about these ingredients and found out some were dangerous! After researching, we decided that most of our products needed to be thrown out.  I saw many websites with fantastic soaps, but we needed products without colors, preservatives, or fragrance oils.  I told my husband "I am just going start making things myself so that I know our family is using natural products with safe ingredients!" 
     I began making handcrafted items for us.  With encouragement from friends and family, I began to sell my products to share my "all natural" message.  I am very passionate about clean living and I believe my products fall under that category. 

     Most of my line was designed for my family and I feel confident that my items are much safer to use than most products out there (especially for children, pregnant, and nursing women). My son hasn't had any reaction to my products (unlike every product I purchased from the store including the best  "all natural" ones). 

     I feel that some companies are misleading, sneaky, or careless with their ingredients. I have posted every ingredient I use. I want customers to feel comfortable and KNOW what is in their products. 

     A little about our family: We are a Christian household and are big advocates of natural products, organics, Non-GMO's, preservative free eating (we try our best), kefir, "real"milk, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering (just to name a few). It all began with becoming label conscious for our family and spiraled from there. We are on a new path in life and loving it!

Based in Tomball, TX