Apply for a Job With Us

Thank you for your interest in applying with MB Vintage Essentials Skincare. We strive to create a unique work environment by providing work hours that support stay at home moms, homeschooling families, retired individuals, veterans, motivated students looking for experience, and many more. There are many benefits to working at our farmer's market booths that we can't list them all, but here are a few:

-Focus on your family most of the week while only working a few hours on the weekend. 
-Commission based pay lets you set your own goals

-Help us with our goal of helping more families to use natural products. It's our way of helping to protect our world in a small way. 

-Getting to work beside and develop relationships with many of the local businesses and farmers in your community

-Receive discounts with most vendors at the market

-Receive discounts on our products

-We also allow for your own personal growth in selling more from the comfort of your home during the week. If you want to work more, we will find a way!

With all that said, we want you to fill out our application honestly and openly on all questions. No answer makes you inferior to other applicants but our questions are designed to inform us of your knowledge coming in, what strengths you have, or how we can train you better. 


Steps to apply:

1. Submit the information below

2. We will send you an application by email

3. Fill the application out within 48 hours and email it back to us

4. We will follow up within 72 hours after you submit your completed application by email