DIY: Exfoliating Facial Strips

DIY: Exfoliating Facial Strips

Posted by D.S. on Sep 14th 2016


 - 1 package of cheesecloth

(You can find this at most local grocery stores)


- Removes dead skin cells from face to create a smoother complexion. 

- Allows our Tea Tree Soap to clean better.

- Allows our Women's Facial Serum to penetrate deeper into your skin. 

Quick Steps:

Cut cheesecloth into strips.
Wrap one strip around your finger.
Rub in circles on each section of your face. 
Wash with our Tea Tree Soap w/ Activated Charcoal.
Apply our Women's Facial Serum
Detailed Steps:

- First, open the package of cheesecloth.
- Cut the cheesecloth into 12 X 2 strips. 
- Put one strip aside and put the rest in a sealed container. 
- Grab the one you put aside and roll it completely around two fingers. 
- Rub on each zone of your face (listed below) for one minute each. 
- If you think the strip is clean enough when you are done, feel free to use it again. 
- Wash with our Tea Tree Soap with Activated Charcoal
- Once your face is dry, apply our Women's Facial Serum to moisturize. 
- We recommend doing this routine after our DIY: Charcoal and Probiotic Mask.
- Repeat twice a week.

Zones of Your Face:

Zone 1 - Forehead

Zone 2 - Cheeks (one at a time)

Zone 3 - Nose and Upper Lip

Zone 4 - Chin and Neck